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December 4th, 2018 by admin

HGBG continues to monitor planning applications for developments in the countryside around Helensburgh. We submit objections when breaches of the Green Belt or other countryside designations appear to us to be harmful.

The most recent of these is an application to construct an electricity storage system in the Green Belt beside the A818 at the corner with the entry road the Glen Fruin north-east of the skating pond.

In general, HGBG supports energy storage, the technology of which is evolving. However, this application is flawed in our view. The proposed site is at a key landscape point in the Green Belt and there would be traffic dangers. Also there are lesser objections.

Only three years ago, Argyll and Bute Council – to its great credit – extended the Green Belt to protect landscape north of the A818 road all the way from Helensburgh to the boundary of the National Park. The development proposed by Capbal Limited would be in this new section of Green Belt, in effect challenging the Council’s new policy.

There have been accidents on the A818 road, some with injuries and the most recent fatal. To have lorries and other vehicles turning into an industrial site beside this narrow, busy road at a bend and near a dangerous road junction into Glen Fruin would add to hazards.

Why green is good

August 19th, 2010 by admin

Reproduced by kind permission of the Helensurgh Advertiser which published this article in its edition of 19th August, 2010.

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Welcome to the Helensburgh Green Belt Group

A local voluntary organisation dedicated to enhancing and protecting the countryside around Helensburgh.

Green belts around settlements are part of the planning system. Scottish Planning Policy (2014, paragraphs 48-53) gives the purposes of green belts as:

  • directing development to the most appropriate locations and supporting regeneration;
  • protecting and enhancing the character, landscape setting and identity of the settlement; and
  • protecting and providing access to open space

The HGBG is not against all developments, but we do ensure that consideration is given to the long term effects of proposed developments.

Helensburgh is a residential and tourist town and its economy substantially relies on its attractiveness. The attractiveness of its green setting includes a ring of footpaths which link woodlands, local hills and places of interest. There are also paths to the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and the cross-Scotland John Muir Way from Helensburgh to Dunbar. There are magnificent views down the Clyde and to Loch Lomond and the Arrochar Hills.

Please take a little time to explore our site. There are pages, and links, where you can find out more about us, our activities and the plans of the local council for our town. There are sections devoted to wildlife, plant life and local footpaths. The information from this website will help you to understand what we do and why.


The Helensburgh Green Belt Group (HGBG) was founded 28 years ago at a large public meeting. It seeks to enhance the countryside around Helensburgh and has contributed to footpaths and community woodlands around the town. It examines proposals for developments in the local countryside and takes appropriate action.

HGBG was co-founder of the Scottish Green Belts Alliance, now taken over by the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland which HGBG supports. HGBG has given talks and published articles in different parts of Scotland and was invited to give evidence in the Scottish Parliament.

HGBG believes that the Scottish planning system is the public’s best safeguard and always seeks to work within that.