About Us


The history of our organisation goes back to1990 when there were five large scale proposals to develop in the Green Belt around Helensburgh. Two residents called a public meeting and asked Provost Billy Petrie to speak. The meeting was well attended and Provost Petrie suggested that there was a need for a specialist Green Belt Group to become well informed on Green Belt matters and to be vigilant on behalf of the local community. Thus the Helensburgh Green Belt Group (HGBG) was established and a committee formed. The Group quickly decided that its task was to enhance, as well as to protect, the countryside around the town. HGBG is non-party political, non-sectarian and non-profit making and in 2010 celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Current activities

Initially our efforts were directed at questioning proposed developments but since then the activities of the group have grown. Today our tasks include:

  • assessing and responding to national and local policy proposals and consultations affecting the countryside
  • tracking planning applications affecting the Green Belt and contesting those that are inappropriate
  • encouraging the creation of a “necklace” of footpaths around the town, many of them linking woodlands
  • taking active interest in wildlife and plant life around the town
  • engaging in two-way communication with residents of Helensburgh and others
  • working cooperatively with other local voluntary groups and with Argyll and Bute Council