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Who Are We?


Alastair Macbeth | Chairman

Alastair Macbeth, ChairmanA founder member of the HGBG in 1990 and of the Scottish Green Belts Alliance in 2004, Alastair has spoken at national conferences on Green Belt matters and has given evidence to the Scottish Executive and to a Scottish Parliament Committee. He is a committee member of the Friends of Duchess Wood and the Scottish Green Belts Alliance. He enjoys walking in the countryside and painting it.

Norman Rodger | Vice-Chairman

Norman Rodger, Vice ChairmanNorman was a founder member of the HGBG in 1990. His special concern is the Blackhill Mire which the Scottish Wildlife Trust identified as the most significant area for wildlife on Helensburgh’s fringe. He represents the HGBG on the Helensburgh and District Access Forum and is an enthusiastic countryside walker and walk leader for the Walking for Well-being initiative.

Liz Marion | Secretary

Liz Marion, SecretaryAs HGBG Secretary, Liz sees paperwork as a means to an end — in this case the welfare of Helensburgh and its countryside setting. Born and brought up in Helensburgh, she is committed to enhancing and, as appropriate, protecting the Green Belt and the benefits which nearby countryside provides for both residents and visitors.

John Wright

John WrightAs an architect, John is especially concerned that the hand of man is compatible with the hand of nature. He sees no excuse for bad design for either building or landscaping and he recognises the Green Belt as one of the means of achieving greater harmony in places and better planning. His skills in graphic design have been of huge help to the HGBG.

Jack Rudram

Jack RudramJack has taken an interest in the Green Belt around Helensburgh since moving back to live in the area in 2003. He is chairman of the Rhu and Shandon Community Council. A Chartered Engineer by profession, he describes himself as “semi-retired” and finds time to enjoy walking and the countryside.

Robert Foxx | Webmaster

Robert FoxxRobert is a web developer who has lived in Helensburgh for most of his life and he maintains this website on behalf of the Helensburgh Green Belt Group. He enjoys cycling in the countryside around Helensburgh and believes strongly in the need to protect the green belt surrounding the town.

The Committee normally meet every two months.


Andrew Wiseman


Several specialists have been appointed to advise us on such matters as – wildlife, botany, ornithology, environment, conservation, ecology, health & safety, geology, recreational land use, planning, archaeology and photography.