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Working With Others

Local Organisations

The HGBG believes strongly in working cooperatively with others. It seeks good relations with Argyll and Bute Council, its agents and officers and the Helensburgh and Lomond Area Committee. It also works actively with other voluntary groups. Below are some of the local voluntary organisations with which it has regular contact.

The Helensburgh Community Council (HCC)

The HCC is the statutory local community organisation. It has official status in regard to being consulted over planning matters and it is the only body to represent Helensburgh as a whole. It has sub-committees for several matters.

The Rhu and Shandon Community Council (R&SCC)

Rhu shares a section of Green Belt with Helensburgh and HGBG has recognised special links with the village which is represented on HGBG by one member. HGBG has worked with R&SCC on specific projects.

The Helensburgh Study Group (HSG)

The HSG (as its name suggests) studies issues affecting Helensburgh and makes reports available to the public. The HGBG has cooperated with HSG on work about Green Belts, the Local Plan, telecommunications masts and a range of other matters.

The Helensburgh and District Access Trust (Access Trust)

In a sense, the HGBG founded the Access Trust. Before the Trust was created, HGBG was the main local group concerned with footpaths and allied issues. At a meeting with Council officials and the Community Council we agreed with a suggestion that a distinct access group, embracing 15 local organisations, would be more effective than HGBG working on its own. The Access Trust has been working to establish a paths network in the Helensburgh area. Much of that plan has now been implemented. Their 50km Three Lochs Way (via Helensburgh) has now been opened. For further details see threelochsway.co.uk. The HGBG is represented on the Trust and all its chairmen have been HGBG members.

The Helensburgh and District Civic Society (Civic Society)

The Civic Society, which is especially concerned with in-town and architectural matters, also takes active interest in the setting of the town and countryside issues. The HGBG therefore works with it, for example in regard to planning applications and the Local Development Plan.

Friends of Duchess Wood

The Duchess Wood is part of the Green Belt. It became a designated Local Nature Reserve in 1998 and the HGBG played a part in the establishment of the Friends of Duchess Wood. The HGBG is represented on the Committee and provides a publicity function as well as other aspects. The Friends of Duchess Wood works closely with Argyll & Bute Council’s Duchess Wood Local Nature Reserve Committee which has formal responsibility for the management of the wood. See the Friends of Duchess Woods website for more information.

Regional and national affiliations

We also have links with regional organisations such as the Lower Clyde Greenspace and national bodies such as the Scottish Green Belts Alliance (SGBA). The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland, The Scottish Wildlife Trust, Scottish Natural Heritage, The Scottish Civic Trust, The Forestry Commission, and others. We have had contact with local authority Councillors, our MSP and our MP.

Scottish Green Belts Alliance

Countryside and Green Belt groups across Scotland established the Scottish Green Belts Alliance in September 2004 and the HGBG was a co-founder. www.greenbelts.ukos.com

The first actions of the Alliance were to thrash out common principles which unite the groups and to write a thorough national report entitled: “The Future of Green Belts in Scotland ” dated December 2004.

This report was submitted to the Scottish Executive and has contributed to the preparation of the new national policy.