The planning system

The Scottish Government has been revising the Scottish planning system. The Planning (Scotland) Act of 2006 introduced major changes. Confusingly, some bits of previous planning legislation remain. HGBG thinks that the 2006 Act should have been a Consolidating Act bringing everything together, but it wasn’t.

The Scottish Government has taken more powers to itself for major national planning decisions. At the other end of the scale, an increasing number of detailed decisions will be taken by local planning officials without reference to councillors.

Especially important documents for Argyll and Bute Council are the Structure Plan (2002), its Local Plan (2009) and the maps that go with the Local Plan. These are available in the Helensburgh Library and on the Council’s website.¬†These two documents will be replaced with a composite Local Development Plan (LDP). The HGBG made representations to improve its content. The LDP is expected to be finalised in 2014.

On this website there are sections on :

  • Development Management
  • Development Planning
  • Green Belt
  • HGBG Main Issues Submission

Two other national documents that are significant. These are the Scottish Planning Policy and the National Planning Framework.

These are periodically updated.