Development Planning

Every Council is a ‘planning authority’ and it has to produce a new Development Plan about every four years. At present this is made up of a Structure Plan (broad principles) and a Local Plan (detailed, including maps showing permitted land use). The latest Local Plan for Argyll and Bute Council came out in August 2009. The next one is due in 2014/15, but it will be called a Local Development Plan (LDP) and will roll together into one plan the functions of the present Structure Plan and the Local Plan. Work on it has started and HGBG has made representations about it.

The law wants planning decisions to be much more “plan-led” because too many exceptions were occurring. The LDP is therefore very important. But it should conform to the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP). See the section “SPP about Green Belts”.

The LDP is expected to conform to policies laid down by the Scottish Government. These appear in the law (see “PLANNING“) and the Scottish Planning Policy.  In February 2010 the Scottish Government released its Scottish Planning Policy (SPP). (See our section entitled “Green Belt” for more information.)